About MALT

The Manitoba Association of Library Technicians (MALT) was established in 1971 as a non-profit organization with the objectives to promote and advance the role of library technicians in Manitoba, and to respond to issues that relate to the library community as a whole. MALT provides the following:

  1. Professional development and continuing education programs
  2. Networking opportunities
  3. Awards for Library Technician of the Year, Support Staff of the Year, Rising Star and Red River College Student Awards
  4. Support for student education and entry into the field
  5. Planning and programming for the Manitoba Libraries Conference
  6. Quarterly newsletter
  7. Online job board

Manitoba’s library community has a rich heritage of diversity and has, over generations, created a vibrant collection of advocates, leaders and volunteers. But the library community thrives because of its connections, not by its collections. MALT plays an integral role in strengthening the ties between the various library employees and interest groups in this province. Collaborating with other library associations and listening to Library Technicians and support workers, whether or not they are MALT members, will help us to remain responsive and relevant for the next 40 years.


2 Responses to About MALT

  1. Caroline Lange says:

    I used to be able to access your job bank; however, now the page is password protected. Do you need to become a member to access the job bank, or can access be obtained another way?

  2. MALT Admin says:

    The page is now reserved for access for our members only. If you are currently an active member with MALT and have not received an e-mail containing a password for access please e-mail malt.mb.ca@gmail.com with your concerns. If you are not a current member please visit our membership page and join for access to our Job bank services http://malt.mb.ca/membership/

    All the best
    MALT webmanager

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