MALT Survey

MALT conducts a salary survey of Library Technicians and library support workers every two years. This survey provides a snapshot of the job market as well as current salary information.

The 2017 Survey Results have been posted the new MALT Survey will be held in 2019

2017 MALT Survey Results

2013 MALT Survey Results

2011 MALT Survey Results

2009 MALT Survey Results




2 Responses to MALT Survey

  1. Ken Collier says:

    I arrived at the MALT website by chance and meandering searches. Here’s what I found:

    There is no central listing or office for the regional library system (assuming it has one);

    Many regional library websites have no map of area they cover, nor list of towns or actual libraries in their region. Those of us not familiar with Manitoba geography would have to go elsewhere for that info, if it even exists.

    I’m from Mission, BC, searching for contacts for publishers.

  2. MALT Admin says:

    Hello Ken,

    Our public libraries are not provincial. The city has its own group of libraries and each town does too.
    Here in the city we have a map that shows where each public library is. You can take a look at that here:

    As with small towns that’s a bit of a different story. Some will have a website and some will not.

    Best of luck,

    Dana Van Aert
    MALT Communications Coordinator

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