Special MALT Meeting June 28th

Dear MALT Members,

We would like to invite our members to a Special Meeting on June 28th, to be held at St. Boniface Public Library 7:00 PM.

At our AGM this year, which took place on May 18th, the membership turnout was smaller than expected and we were unable to pass a decision on whether MALT will be becoming a division of a reformed MLA in 2018.  

This motion is a very important one in MALT history. If you would like more information on the potential of becoming a division of MLA you will find it here (http://mblibraries.mla.mb.ca/)  We would like to offer a proxy voting form for members who are unable to make the special meeting on June 28th. You may print and fill it out and scan and email it back to us as soon as possible. (Before June 28th)

We were additionally unable to pass our budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, which will also be presented at the Special Meeting on June 28th. We would like to again invite nominations for the membership for the positions of Treasurer and Vice President for which we have received no nominations from the membership. You may view details of the positions here http://malt.mb.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/MALT-Positions-Exec.pdf (Please note the position of Membership Coordinator has been filled)

Below you will find two proxy forms. One has no filled in space for a delegate of your choosing who will attend the meeting and vote on your behalf. The second form names Cassie Page as past president of MALT and member of the Manitoba Libraries Working Group as delegate.

MALT proxy vote form (past president delegation)

MALT proxy vote form

Please complete the applicable form if you are unable to attend in person and e-mail it to malt.mb.ca@gmail.com.

If you wish to attend the meeting virtually, a connection will be provided please e-mail us at indicating you wish to register to attend the special meeting online.

We ask all our membership to consider attendance to the Special Meeting in person, if attendance in person is not possible we hope you will consider casting your vote through one of the remote options we have provided. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, a strong voice for libraries from Manitoba Library Associations is vital to maintain.

We would like to remind our members the Government of Manitoba is currently consulting broadly with cultural institutions and the public on the development of a cultural policy for the province. Your contribution to this review as library workers in the province is essential. If you have not yet taken time to provide contributions on this matter, please provide your input through “Imagine Creative Manitoba.”   http://www.mblibraries.ca/your-voice.html before June 30th.

MALT has already completed the process of providing input through “Imagine Creative Manitoba.” In follow up to advocacy letters sent to the Honourable Rochelle Squires Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage. This is an important year to be involved as a member of MALT we encourage our members to take an active role in the association and reach out to the executive.

Kind regards on behalf of the MALT Executive,

Ebony Novakowski
MALT President
Library Technician  

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