The Makerspace Culture – PDF slides on behalf of WPL

The MALT workshop this year took place at the Gaynor Regional Library in Selkirk Manitoba this year.gaynor


The workshop hosted some amazing speakers who have given us their permission to share their Power Point slides with the community.

Sadly for those of you who missed out on the workshop you will not get to play with the actuworkshopimgal robots or hear Meghan and Alix-Rae’s presentation but if you are interested in learning more about Makerspace Culture. The slides will give you the cliff notes.  We hope they will entice you to consider attending our next workshop or supporting MALT through membership so we can continue to provide educational workshops and resources to the library community.

 The Makerspace Culture
Presenter: Megan O’Brien and Alix-Rae Stefanko from Winnipeg Public Library.

The role of the library is ever changing to respond to its community’s needs. A Makerspace can provide patrons with a place for learning, doing, and creating. Learn what a Makerspace is and why libraries should jump on providing Makerspaces for their patrons. Hit the ground running with this fun and interactive presentation.

View the slides here:

2016 MALT Makerspace Workshop

Stay tuned next week for the release of the “Marketing and promotion for your library.” slides.

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